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Startups, VCs, Finance and Consulting firms can rent, month to month, a private furnished office with large whiteboards (or a permanently assigned desk in a small, quiet coworking area) in our larger suite of offices that are centered around a common kitchen, reception, private individual phone lounge and conference facilities. The kitchen, conference facilities, reception and phone lounge are all set up for you. Internet is provided. Mail and package handling is provided by an on-site office manager who maintains the whole place. Walk to shops, restaurants and the only Palo Alto station where the Bullet Trains stop.

You may notice something unusual about our web site: pictures of the offices themselves (scroll down). Pictures of every available office, showing real walls for quiet and privacy, great big windows in every one and multiple windows in our conference room. Every office has enormous whiteboards and artwork on the walls. While other places dazzle you with common area decor, their offices themselves are noisy, have no privacy, aren't very functional or even very nice. If you saw their offices before you got there, you'd never visit. That's why we have photos of the offices themselves and they don't. We've been at this for 22 years: we know what you need to be successful and all of that is included.
Location: Walk to the main Palo Alto Caltrain stop, with the most & fastest trains. The other Palo Alto stop only has slower trains, zero bullet trains, and much longer wait time between trains.

Privacy: Our walls are real walls with double 3/4" sheetrock and metal studs with additional soundproofing that provide a sound rating of STC 35. No one can see your whiteboard or computers. Other places use thermal glass partitions, that not only allow everyone to see your stuff, but with an STC rating of 27, your neighbors will hear everything, and their conversations will be understandable from your office, and therefore, distracting.

Views and Light: Our window offices all have views of downtown Palo Alto, and some also have skylights.

Professionalism: Our conference facilities are the best in Palo Alto, with spectacular views (see photos below.), others use cheap interior spaces for conference rooms. Our office is professionally decorated, and doesn't look like a dorm room. University Ave. address.

Phone booths: Our phone booths are sound reduced spaces that are open and airy, not hot and claustrophobic like others.

Kitchen: It's got everything, and you get your own assigned fridge space: you don't have to fight with everyone else for space that's occupied by someone's two week old leftover sandwich.

Every week, we survey every single furnished, window office in managed office spaces in the downtowns of Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Mountain View and we price our offices below every other office. Our coworking prices for dedicated desks are among the lowest in the area. We will be happy to share prices of every furnished, managed window office space in downtown Menlo Park, downtown Palo Alto and downtown Mountain View currently available and every one advsertised for the past two months when you visit. We price our offices about 15%-20% under the lowest one we can find of the same size.

E-MAIL: Charles [at] wktowk.com Please replace the [at] with '@' in the email address.

Current Availability (links are video tours):

startup Window Office for up to 12. (Photo immediately below).

A smaller version of the above office for 4 to 7 is also available. (4th photo below).

A Window Office with 4 large, Executive Desks. (3rd photo below).

An Executive Window Office with 1-3 executive desks. (Top photo above).

Half-Time Furnished Office for VCs: Up to 80 Hours/month in a private window office with executive desk (top photo above), whiteboard, printer and Internet plus 10 hours per month of conference room time in our view conference room (reserve online), University Ave., $2250/mo.

Quarter time Furnished Office (40 hrs/mo) + 10 Hrs of Conference Room Time for $1750. The desks are dedicated: no one else ever sits at your desk, you can leave a monitor and supplies.

A conference room/mailing address plan: 10 hours/month of conference room time in our view conference room (no office space) and mail and package handling using our University Ave. address for $900. (2nd and last photos below).

540 University Ave. Suite 300 in downtown Palo Alto, California.